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The chemistry of your car’s engine produces many harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, and it is up to the exhaust system to safely dispose of them from the engine, through the catalytic converter, and out the tailpipe. Any failures or leaks in the exhaust system should be repaired immediately.

Auto Doctors are experts at car emission maintenance and repair. Here are the following components of your vehicle’s exhaust, their purpose, and indications on when they should be checked out.

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Exhaust System - The whole exhaust system of your vehicle is intended to move harmful gas emissions from the engine out the tailpipe, while helping to reduce engine noise. Every year, the exhaust clamps and exhaust pipes are recommended to be looked at for rust.

Catalytic Converter - While the engine produces mostly benign emissions like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapors, it also produces harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The catalytic converter helps reduce these dangerous emissions through chemical reactions. Any engine noise, vibration or poor performance could be a sign of a faulty catalytic converter. Diagnose the problem early by having your catalytic converter looked at once a year.

Muffler - The muffler’s main job is to reduce the sound wave frequencies of your car’s engine. A car with a faulty muffler is noisy for anyone near the vehicle, and especially for the person driving it! Immense noise from the engine or poor engine performance could be a sign of a muffler in need of maintenance. It is recommended to be looked at once a year.

Leaks - Most of the time, a leak in the exhaust system will signal the check engine light, and you may notice a decrease in your vehicle’s performance. Auto Doctors will have to diagnose where the leak is coming from and how best to seal it.

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