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With Auto Doctors, we have no greater responsibility than your safety.

Thankfully, some of the most common car safety issues are also the easiest to check and repair, such as the tires, headlights and signals, wipers and horn. Let’s take a look at each component of keeping your car operating safely.

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Tires - The safety of your entire vehicle rests on the health of the tires. Proper maintenance of tires include:

  • Tire Pressure - All tires have a recommended PSI , and failing to maintain it can cause added wear on the tires, a higher chance of puncturing a tire, and altogether less control of the vehicle. Be sure to check your car’s PSI once every week or two, especially during the winter months, as colder air can drastically affect tire pressure. Auto Doctors check the car’s tire pressure with every oil change.
  • Tire Tread - One of the biggest mistakes drivers make is wearing out their tire tread, resulting in a very unsafe vehicle to operate. The tread of the tires directly affects the vehicle’s performance in rain, snow, and even normal driving conditions. Poor tire tread is indicated by a smooth feel of the tire, cords showing through in the tire, visible cracks or slices in the sidewall, or a “bubble” on any surface of the tire. Auto Doctors can check your car’s tread, and can rotate and balance the tires to keep their tread as long as possible.
  • Tire Repair - Running over a nail or other debris is all too common. Unfortunately, some people let the nail remain in their tire because they don’t believe it is having an effect. Nails cause slow leaks in tires (or worse), which leads to increased wear on the tread, which leads to an unsafe vehicle. Nip this problem in the bud early with tire nail repair from Auto Doctors.
  • New Tires - Eventually, tires wear down. Auto Doctors can help you find the best tires for your car within your budget.

Headlights - It is easy for drivers to allow their headlights to get dim without noticing a difference. Headlight restoration from Auto Doctors will brighten up your headlights to allow you to see more of the road, and to allow others to better see you.

Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Flashers, Brake Lights - These are all used to communicate with other drivers your next move on the road. Any signal or light failure can lead to miscommunication, which can lead to fender benders and wrecks. Auto Doctors check these with every oil change and will replace when necessary.

Wipers - Wipers can easily be neglected by drivers, but when they are replaced with new ones, it makes a world of difference to road visibility during rain and snow. Auto Doctors can repair wiper arms that have lost mobility, and can help replace worn or damaged wiper blades. Wiper blade replacement service is free with the purchase of wiper blades from Auto Doctors, and washer fluid is refilled during an oil change.

Horns - Over the years, horns have become the tools of road rage and toys for our young ones. However, let’s not forget the original purpose of the car horn: An auditory signal to other vehicles for safety precautions. Be sure to test your horn once every month, and have Auto Doctors check it out if it is not working properly.

Safety Inspections - Auto Doctors are happy to complete a safety inspection on your vehicle, which will cover all of the requirements from the Department of Transportation.

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