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Auto Doctors Diagnose Auto Problems

If and when you experience an issue with your vehicle, Auto Doctors can quickly find the problem using our complete diagnostic tool and expertise. We will always inform our customers of the problem prior to service, and we take pride in educating our customers about what caused them to come see us in the first place. Therefore, they can diagnose the problem themselves if it happens again in the future.

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Consider Auto Doctors in the unfortunate event of…

  • The Check Engine Light turning on - This is a warning light that will signal on the instrument panel when there is a malfunction. There are literally hundreds of reasons why this light can be triggered, so it’s important for a certified technician to precisely diagnose the issue.
  • The Electrical System failing - If your car has trouble starting, or doesn’t start at all, it can often be attributed to the battery, alternator, starter or connections. Auto Doctors will run diagnostics on the electrical system to find the problem.
  • Air Bag Light turning on - The air bag light can come on for many reasons, because the air bag battery backup has been depleted or the clock spring needs replacing, just to name a few.
  • Reoccurring Noises and Vibrations - Some noises and vibrations are just that, but some are clues of a bigger problem. Keep an ear out for consistent noises and vibrations, and consider diagnosis if they continue.
  • Leaking Fluid - Any leak can be a serious, and dangerous, problem. Whether it is oil, or fluid belonging to the transmission, power steering, cooling system, or brakes, be mindful of any spots left where your car was parked.
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