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Is Your Car’s Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Another hot and humid Kansas City summer is here, and you’ve likely already cranked on your car’s air conditioner. But when you first turned it on, did you get a surprise with your car’s air conditioner blowing hot air?

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Here are three common reasons why your car’s A/C may not be functioning properly:

Low Refrigerant/Leak - You probably know your home air conditioner uses refrigerant, but did you know your car does too? If your car is low on refrigerant, it is usually because you have a leak somewhere in your car’s air conditioning system.

A new supply of refrigerant won’t last very long if there is a leak in the evaporator, condenser or hose. If you are low on refrigerant, Auto Doctors will identify the leak and determine your repair options, saving you from having to recharge your car’s air conditioner again and again.

Also, repairing the leak will prevent any air and moisture from entering your A/C, which could lead to corrosive acid sludge that can harm the compressor, evaporator, condenser and orifice tube.

Bad Compressor - The compressor serves as the heart of the car’s air conditioner by pressurizing the refrigerant and pumping it throughout the A/C’s necessary components. Everything revolves around the compressor, so you’re A/C won’t function properly without repair or replacement of a faulty compressor. A bad compressor can typically be identified by a loud noise when you attempt to engage your air conditioner.

Clogged Orifice Tube - The final part to check is the orifice tube, located between the condenser in the front of the radiator and the evaporator in the passenger compartment. There could be an obstruction in the tube that is preventing refrigerant from ever reaching the evaporator.

Whether your car air conditioner is blowing hot air or even if it just isn’t keeping you as cool as it used to, contact Auto Doctors and we can quickly identify the issue to keep you cool this summer.


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